I wish I had a home

October 16, 2012
By Risky0713 BRONZE, Maple, New York
Risky0713 BRONZE, Maple, New York
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The rain pours down on me
I shiver and tremble.
A house stands in front of me
It is big as a hill.
To a stranger, it would be a beauty.
Like a diamond in a pile of rocks
But I am not one of those
Who would believe in such illusions.
The truth is: this house of mine is ugly.

The thunder roars
And again I wish I had a home
That I could go back to
When ever I felt alone

I don’t want a house
That is a mere building
Made of fragile walls
that offers no protection.

I want a home that hugs me and gives me comfort.
I want a home where I can feel at ease.
I want a home that is strong, united by the bond of a family.

I imagine myself entering and smelling
The scent of home-made pie
And I imagine seeing siblings teasing each other.
“Ha Ha, Hee Hee”
I hear them giggle.

But for now
I will settle for this broken house,
Pain is our usual visitor
Sometimes his companions,
Agony, misery, and sadness,
Come along with him.

The gloominess casts a shadow over our heads.
The house walls wail under pressure.
Often we yearn for an excuse to leave this place.

This house is a cold metal cage
We are all forced to live together,
Obligated by our duties.

But we know that our duties don’t hold much use anymore.
Because there is nothing that can fix this family
That lives under this gorgeous but hideous house.

And once again,
- As I shiver under the sharp rain droplets
I wish I had a home.

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