The wrong guy

October 15, 2012
Your hands leave an imprint on my body
Call it muscle memory
But his hands left an imprint on my soul
(Call it 'meant to be'?)

Why is it that when we kiss
I imagine his lips?
At night I sleep with a phantom
at each hip
Struggle to breath
And I curl to your side
Struggle to leave
And I crawl to him to hide


I want him and I to be meant to be
(I do?)
But I am wondering if that's possible
If i'm not with you
You are the one
Who I always come back to
I'd outright profess my love to you
If I did't make a promise to myself:
Not to make my mothers mistakes
And fall into protecting a man
Who I could easily hate
To not be an anchor
In someone else's storm

I'm sorry, but I can't hold the weight of your world
In my small form


So I breathe
But I am lifeless
In your arms
No smoke to blur my vision
Still I can't stare into your eyes too long
It's all the same ain't it?

But with you,
I'd stare through the smoke,
fight through the tears
and I'd see more of you than I'll see of him in years


See its the right situation
It's the wrong man
I'd love you if I could
and I'd stop loving YOU, but I can't

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