October 15, 2012
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Winter sunsets and early morning cigarettes
We were searching for answers that we hadn’t found yet
Answers to the questions we couldn’t bear to ask
We spent every day knowing it could be our last
Below-freezing nights and glittering Christmas lights
We didn’t do anything wrong, but did we do it right?
There was no time to question whether we were right or wrong
We were scared we’d wake up and the other would be gone
Everything turned green and the birds started to sing
As long as we were together, we didn’t care about anything
We always knew all the right things to say
It all seemed so perfect, but would we screw it up one day?
Mid-April rain showers and an explosion of flowers
Book stores during the day and coffee shops after hours
Every second we had, we swore was well-spent
Every mistake we made, we claimed was well-meant
Summer brought hot air and endless truth or dare
Sunburned beyond belief, we still didn’t care
When we laid in the grass and watched clouds pass by
We just didn’t realize time was starting to fly
Millions of fireflies and a thousand little white lies
We began to worry that what we had would soon die
Our silly, friendly fights got thirty times worse
We both hurt each other with our harsh words
Before we knew it, the leaves began to fall
We never answered, but sometimes called
We drifted apart and we had different reasons
I guess that we changed with the changing of seasons

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