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October 15, 2012
By BrittanyNicole103 SILVER, Ash Grove, Missouri
BrittanyNicole103 SILVER, Ash Grove, Missouri
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"Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

Tears are weakness
So why do I lay here weeping?
I was meant to be alone
To lock my heart for safe-keeping
But then you came along
And my heart started leaping
Sick of me, you cast me aside
Letting the reaper do his reaping
You've no regret, no guilt
As you meet me with a steady gaze
You had me wrapped around your finger
To act in a wondrous blissful craze
Done with me, you cast me aside
Lost in such a dark and confusing maze
You felt not an ounce of my sorrow
As you set my whole world ablaze
You left me, bloodied and battered
Alone, in a mood so dangerously low
I should have known better
That I would be the one to take the blow
I strayed from my path to you
Now my mistake is taking its toll
Disguised and masked, you tricked me
Never again will I revel in your false glow
But I know who you really are
You're bitter and you're cruel
I won't fall for it again
I'm done being the fool
The tears keep falling
Trying so hard to keep my cool
I'm ready for the end of this
This game with no rules

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