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Appreciate the Magic of Life

The sky is crying
So now we’re all painted grey
“We’re all dying,”
These sad beings say as another one leaves
Greed is hungry
And we’re feeding it with our love of money

Their rainbows have become dreary
Changing to stark black, dull grey, blank white
Don’t blame the rainbows-
They’re just chameleonic to
With all the
Depression and
Sorrow and
Melancholy and
Heavyheartedness and
Need I go on?

So I say to you today:
Instead of seeing the sky crying,
Think its laughing so hard
And it can’t help but tear up
Are droplets of blessings
From Heaven
They make the world sparkle and glisten
Like a diamond with light whizzing this way and that

And instead of seeing the world dying,
Think its Death wanting these people-
These amazingly brilliant and talented people-
All to himself
Is a celebration
Of Life
We should laugh and rejoice
Like they’re still with us today

And instead of seeing money as a necessity,
Think of it as a benefit
And if we lose it, oh well, it was written in our
There’s another door waiting
To be opened
So stop reading this chapter of your life
And get on with the next

So let’s stop and smell-
Not just sniff,
Not just waft,
Not just whiff,
Not just snort,
Not just gasp,
Not just puff-
The roses

Look at what is given to you, and before asking for more,
Let yourself gasp at the moment made of
Because, you know what’s beautiful?

Appreciate the Magic of Life.
Something we should all live by.

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