No Need to Fear

October 15, 2012
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You, alone in a corner,
Cowering in fear,
Waiting for the inevitable blow to fall
See a hand flash above you, and flinch,
But the hand extends, gently lifts you up,
you look up, and there I am, smiling gently,
My hand in yours,
Our energies combining,
There is no need to fear, my friend
You cannot be touched with me.
As confused as you are,
You understand and hear one more thing,
Something that I never intended
You to hear, until
We were together
I can't believe how beautiful
You really are.
And you are:
Perfect as an Amethyst,
Softer than Moonlight,
Yet more powerful than a king
In my eyes, you are
The legendary Helen of Troy,
And I would fight a war to be
With you
Nothing can stand in my way
In my battle for you
As long as you feel the same
Towards me
If you are with me,
Nothing can harm you
No natural disaster could affect you,
No person could hurt you long
Without me defending you with my Life,
I would die for your safety
As long as I knew
A priceless treasure was preserved
And the next guy
Was better than me
I will watch over you, and safety
Will never leave your side

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