Star-Onyx: Battle of Love

October 15, 2012
By Zalcon BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
Zalcon BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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The war raging inside
Has nothing to do with us
We are as strong as diamonds, and you shine just as bright
Radiant as a star,
Deeper than the eyes of a sage
I am cold as ice, dark as onyx,
Yet you find a way into my damaged soul
Find a way to eliminate the pain
Drive it from my shattered mind
Calm the anger that
Flashes hot as lightning
We are as different as can be
One, welcoming as a hearth,
while the other is more dangerous than all the gangs
We are the rational and passionate
Calculating and fiery,
Volatile as can be
You are comfort with the simplest words,
While I start wars with mine
You sooth wounds,
My efforts are salt in them
My mind is as turbulent as a storm
But yours is as calm as a creek
I'm not perfect, I know that
But you, a fallen angel,
Have nothing wrong with you
The yin to my yang
And an asylum to a lost philosopher
Just trying to find a place to stay

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