Blue Love

October 14, 2012
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In the frightful, seemingly never-ending cold winter nights, I dash out of bed to retrieve it from its place in my closet.

My feet feel frozen as I slide back into the frigid bed,
But I know the cold won't last long anymore.

I wrap the carefully knit blue blanket around my feet first, Then by body, and finally I wrap it around my tired head.

It's a ritual now for me... sleeping with the blanket at night, Even though my odd way of cocooning myself gives my dad a good laugh every time.

I sleep well each night, reassured by the blanket always by my side, Guarding me, warding off cold air and threats that may enter my room at night.

Made with love and greeting from my Great Grandma Marge, The blanket assures me that she will always be with me, no matter what.

When I dash out to find my special blue blanket, it will always remind me of the loving woman I'm proud to call my Great Grandmother.

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