If Life Were A Roadtrip

October 14, 2012
By HannahPaige SILVER, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
HannahPaige SILVER, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
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"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." -Eeyore

He said it better than I could have.

If life were a road trip
I would always have the windows rolled down.
I would grow my hair out
So that it could blow in my face
And I would turn my playlist up LOUD
Because every journey
Needs a perfect soundtrack.

If life were a road trip
I’d drive slowly
So that the passing sights do not blur together,
But stand vivid in my path.
I am not the first,
Or the last to see them.
But I do not want to miss them,
All the same.

If life were a road trip
I would scream as loud as I could
On every empty country road
I would scream my name
Or maybe yours.
No one's listening anyway.

If life were a road trip
It would go by all too fast,
Turn to memories all too quickly,
And turn the last corner
all too soon.
It would tease me with its promise of destination
Beckon me “just a little bit farther”
And only when I use up my last bit of gas
Will it tell me
That this was a one way ticket
And getting there was the fun part

If life were a road trip
I'd look out the window
Even when it looks like there's nothing to see.
I'd stop and ask for directions
When I get lost
Or maybe sometimes I'd just drive on.

If life were a road trip
I'd never ask where I'm going
Or worry that I'm going to be late.
I'd take the scenic route
Every time
Because life is too short to get there too fast.

If life were a road trip
I'd wake up every morning
ready to drive,
And I'd go to sleep every night
In love with the road.
I'd smile in the sun,
and grin in the rain.
And I'd never stop laughing
Because life is funny that way.

The author's comments:
Don't drive too quickly; there's too much to see.

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