October 13, 2012
By carpar22 SILVER, Westlake, Ohio
carpar22 SILVER, Westlake, Ohio
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Hidden behind
Crisp smelling mornings
And bright, vibrant trees
Is a secret well kept
For a short little while
Of death and despair
And melancholic sorrow

The leaves start to drift
One by one
One by one
Spiraling down
To their place on the ground

"It isn't long now"
The wind whispers and moans
As one by one
One by one
Colors turn brown

Each leave hits the ground
Inconsequential, unseen
Until one day
There are no more to be seen

"Soon it shall end"
The wind sneers in my ear
Each leaf you don't see
Brings the end nearer

A tear slips her eye
And rolls off her cheek
To splash on the ground
With a innocent splish

No one sees the tear
Just like the leaf
There are other people
Mourning what's lost
Not only she

There tears make big splashes
And puddles of pain
And heartbreak
And sadness
Such that she can't compete

The wind, unabated
Hisses and swishes
Knowing the secret
Fall of that tear

It murmurs "No one cares"
As it hums through the air
All knowing, unwelcome
Bringing winter on its heels

Hair whips around the small, jaded face
As leaves swirl around her
Reminiscent of fate

Winter is coming
Colors will fade
She lets go and she falls
To the ground in a heap

"It's not fair
It's not fair"
She yells to the air
But the wind steals her words
And she remains quite unheard

She gathers the heap
Of self on the ground
And pulls herself up
And faces the wind

The world may not know
The secrets she carries
But she forms a small smile
For she knows the wind's

Winter is coming
Colors will fade
Nothing is forever
Someday it will rain

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