Can angels cry..

October 13, 2012
By Anonymous

As we ring the bell of the greatest home, ever known

Here we are to return an angel so graceful and strong

Such a powerful woman... her advice I'll forever use

She’d always say “Child don’t lose any more weight”

That order however I just may refuse

Walking this short path of life... I’ve seen many things

After every storm the sun eventually beams

After the longest of the longest droughts

We’ve always had roses come spring

After every souls departs another angel is set to rest

Freed of all prior... heartache, pain and distress

I want to say "Thank you", my dear Lord on everyone's behave

Thank you, for all the beautiful memories... we'll forever possess

I will no longer shed tears, because I know her burdens are now at rest

As precious as the day when sunset finally sets

Or that feeling on Christmas... when Santa has fulfilled your request

Today is a housewarming... a celebration of your new home

Although we may feel hopeless, incomplete, sad and alone

There’s no place more grand than my grandmother's new address

There’s no need for house work, cooking or sweat

I hope everything met... your expectations and standards

There's even a garden that pre-seasoned planted

No man could ever protect her… as much as our dear God

No moments are as golden… as the walk through heaven's front yard

Seems like the mind can only make such beautiful notes

When the heart is in pain and aches the most

Lawrence, Gerald, and Erica... all of the should’ve, would’ve, could’ve(s)

Still couldn’t prepare for this close once our father calls us home

There’s no saying NO... or resistance when it’s time for one to go

My dear God please give them hope... when they're backed against the wall

And they're options are low... Give them the strength of one last punch

When life seem to be winning its fight... a bandage for the wounds bleeding inside

Bless them with the gift of guidance when their path is no longer wrote

Grant them a healing to that feeling that only the devil provokes

Continue to bless them in their lives and whichever route they go

Fill the void in their hearts that only a mother would fill

Touch them on the shoulder my lord and let them know you’re real

Supply them a friend when days get lonely and no one is near

Give them the gift of exquisite memory so every little detail is kept well

For when days aren’t as sunny... the thought of her smile keeps them going

Rejoice their spirits and help them find warmth in the cold

I know you wouldn't give... a load they couldn’t hold

Remove those clouds of regret and guilt

Tell them god she’s okay & you’ll take it from here.

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