Ally W.

October 12, 2012
By Brett997 BRONZE, Burntwood, Other
Brett997 BRONZE, Burntwood, Other
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You say the distance is the only thing keeping us apart,
but is it the only thing breaking my heart?
Why can't you tell me how you really feel?
It just takes those three words to make it real.
Blonde hair, Blue eyes, perfection too inside.
My feelings for you, I am struggling to hide.
We've had some problems along the way.
Parents, Money, even organising a day.
So now you seem to carry on as if it was nothing.
But, your nothing to me, was more than just a something.
Trust is what makes the distance irrelevant.
You're beautiful, kind and just so intelligent.
You're at least an hour from where I stay.
People say its not that far, but I feel it every day.
Its crazy to think I've known you for just five weeks.
But its an experience that every guy seeks.
I came to see you, as a surprise.
But that is the only one I'll tell you, meaning the lies.
The day with you was just so perfect.
The feelings that day were extremely direct.
I remember when you took me to the station.
I felt so down for the entire duration.
Before I got on the train, I turned and said goodbye.
If I said I wanted to say that, it would be a lie.
To feel your soft lips press against mine.
That put me right on top of cloud nine.
I said out loud "I'm going to miss you."
You said back "and you too"
But your attitude seems to of changed since then.
I'd do anything for you to feel the same again.
Now I am approaching the end.
I'd be lying if I said I wanted to be just friends.
Because you made such an impact on that day, with you and your family.
I think I've fell for you, Miss Ally W.

The author's comments:
This is about a girl I recently met, it is not an anger outburst as things went pear shaped, but an attempt to express my feelings and that I would try for distance with her.

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