October 12, 2012
By julietamaya BRONZE, Placeville, California
julietamaya BRONZE, Placeville, California
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He calls me beautiful as I lay in his arms
On cold days with only each other
My head on his shoulder
His lips pressed to my forehead
He whispers words of love
I blush but say nothing
Even in my bliss I wonder if it’s true
How does he see me this way?
I have only seen it a handful of times myself
I don’t see beauty
I see every imperfection
Every name
Everything that’s wrong
How I wish to believe him
He gives me confidence
But I can’t accept his complements
I wish I could say thank you ore even that I believed him
But when I look in the mirror I see scars and hate
I see what is wrong with me
Look to long and I will lose myself completely
I try and cover scars, hide them from the world
When he sees them, he just kisses them and says I’m still beautiful
He makes me promise never to change
He calls me perfect
His perfectly imperfect Hello Kitty Princess

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