Two Doves on a Branch

October 12, 2012
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He glances her direction
She quickly turns away
With a beautiful blush
And a smirk on her face

She was beautiful
In every way
What with her long luscious hair
And her blue eyes so deep
They look
the hue of an ocean

His features so profound
Yet goofy and funny
Then so serene
And so dreamy
She stares at him
with longing

Yet he will not admit
That she’s in his dreams,
His mind as he ponders,
And that he has a special
Chamber in his heart
That’s vaulted shut
With the love
he holds for her.

She thinks that he is handsome
With a quirky personality
She wants to tell him how she feels
But fails every time

Until one braves the fear they face
They won’t have the relationship they seek
To be in love and a name to prove it
Their love will be lost
In the chaotic scene of the world

So they just sit there
Like two doves on a branch
Until the next moment their eyes meet
And then it starts all over

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