October 12, 2012
By , Greenville, NY
How would you describe a dream?
More like...a nightmare?
I would say its the worst feeling...
especially when you cannot wake yourself up.
Full of mysterious...creepy things that happen..
I just so happen to have these so-called 'Nightmares.'
I'm 13 years old, why am I having nightmares?
Why are these thoughts taken captive in my mind?
Why do I awaken,
with the icy-cold feeling...
the alone feeling...
awakening to my own screams,
and puddles of tears and sweat.
These arent just dreams.
Theyre creatures.
I dont know who they are
or what they are..
why are they here?
What do you want with me?
What are you trying to tell me?
The first was about a man,
May 2010 was the date of the dream.
He murdered me and nobody noticed, nobody cared..
Two months later...
I met him in person.
Two years later, he was listed as a sex offender.
I was once stalked by a maroon van with no windows that April in 2009.
That July,
I was stalked again by a man with goats in 2010.
That August of 2010 I was stalked by a tractor trailer.
Three times.
In my sixth grade year of 2009-2010,
spirits haunted me, and I was sure of it.
It started out in the far right corner of my bedroom.
The loud, heavious breaths,
of someone slowly breathing.
Breathing very loudly, of course.
As I turned up the T.V volume,
the breathing grew louder and louder,
the room became darker and darker,
you could feel the walls closing in,
the chlostrophobic feeling.
I can still feel it sometimes.
At night, the way thigns would throw themselves off the shelves,
the way the blinds would snap so harshly when nobody was ever there.
Doors slamming on their own.
Dreams of wild dolls attacking me when I slept, a whole army of them.
Their wooden limbs moving slowly as the eerie music played.
The draws opened one by one,
as the inanimate objects crawled out.
They moved slowly and suddenly, with their painted eyes on me,
their fake smiles smirking...
They wouldnt stop.
I screamed for safety but no one replied.
The soft spooky sounds of their was so real.
They ate me alive.
Hudreds of them.
Starting at my fingertips...
they bled away...
my whole body.
Melting in my own blood.
I watched myself...die.
It was horrifying.
Another dream I just had a few nights ago,
the deamons.
They were there.
Their bodies were ghostly white,
they moved so swiftly,
not even the human flesh...
Three of these devilous spirits,
moved into these innocent bodies,
and these victims,
were eating other innocents.
The world was dull and grey,
bodies sprawled and violently drawn onto the ground.
Lifelessly lying there.
Only those who literally locked themselves in their houses,
every door,
every window,
every open passage way,
was blocked.
Thats how you could live,
its how you HAD to live.
You were forced.
'Till these deamons were gone.
Now, you may be thinking,
thats not scary at all.
Try watching the people youve known and cared for,
Being eaten before your very eyes...
eaten before your very eyes.
These red-eyed devils,
looking you straight in the eye through your living room window.
Your friends and familys lifeless bodies,
displayed on your lawn.
Its like the devil was painting a masterpiece in my mind.
This was the second time I had a dream quite like this.
Its terrifying.
What im explaining..
its real.
Its alive in my mind.
Ive seen the unseen,
and spoken to the unvoiced.
Its incredibly wicked,
its your scariest encounter,
its undescribable.

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