October 12, 2012
By JDuvall GOLD, Marianna, Arkansas
JDuvall GOLD, Marianna, Arkansas
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"Perfection is not achieved not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing to take away."

I'm a women of many words, I use my words to encourage this world
The devil brought me down but the lord brought me back up.
He risen from the ground to his worthy crown
He brought me through trials and told me " Not to look back"
He said be a leader not a follwer
Walk by faith and it should show you the way. Give him glory cause he is so worthy and he shall take away all your mercy.
Reunite with your friends who are lonely, lend a hand to who are hungry. Be a christian to those who aren't one.
Don't be leftover trash just laying on the side of the road.
Stand Up And Be Proud
Give your dedication to your education. Have pride within oneself gain intergrity with yourself
Don't lack off and think its over, because your life has just begun.
Give yourself strength to learn things that you never thought you would learn. Pray for peace on this world.
Speak your mind , Tell it all and be a Savior who's willing to help.
Love Yourself because you might fall but you will soon enough get back up and face this world.
While Still Bein Powerful
I'm a humanbeing with a passion to live for success. I've made a lot of wrong decision but i've learned from them.
Courage is Not the absence of Fear but rather the Judgement that something else is more Important than Fear
You have to have courage to know what you've done. So you want make the same mistakes.
Life is actually too short to let mankind destroy you , Stand up and have Faith
If other's say you can't do it , then don't listen. Believe in yourself and make others realize that you're a woman trying to pave the way for other women
Gain knowledge so that younger kids would listen and and look up to you. Let them follow your footsteps.
So that they can become the Bigger Person
Perfection is achieved , not when there is nothing more to add , but when there is nothing left to take away.
As Grandni once said " You must be the change you wish to see in the world "
Watch your thoughts ; they become words
Watch your words ;they become actions
Watch your actions ; they become habits
Watch your habits ; they become character
Watch your character ; it becomes your destiny
And soon enoough you will be

The author's comments:
Becoming a better woman.

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