you and me

October 12, 2012
By Anonymous

Without you it's only me and even though I am free, I am locked in a dark misery and I'm sorry for all that I did but I guess nothing is without a fee but what you gonna do eh baby. Ya this is turning out crazy but I ain't gonna let it faze me. Ya you were always the one and together we had so much fun but then we lost the handle and I guess we just blew out the candle I'm tired of this game I would easily trade all the money, all the fame just to hear you call my name with love and affection and not like I'm a criminal mind plotting a crime. Ya and time and again I'm begging, asking if we can just be friends and start again but according to you it's all over but for some reason I'm still hanging on to you and hoping that right on cue, you will see it too. That we were always meant to be together even if it takes us forever to get back on the same page. Through all the anger, all the rage. At some point we gonna break out of this cage and find ourselves on a new stage where the seats aren't full of skeptics, but acceptance if only I could put all my feelings into one long sentence. A glance from you even askance sets my heart into a fluttering dance and I would love you again and we could have another chance at a strong romance not dirty or mean but sincere and clean and we could wipe off the sheen clean off the slate go ahead and let them haters hate. Because we gonna look them in the them in the face and tell them to get the heck out of this place.

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