The young lady and her love for a sailor

October 12, 2012
One minute I’m fine,
Next it’s as if a tornado swept across my emotions,
I feel tense, as the anger builds inside me,
At that same moment I want to cry,
The feeling of knowing I hurt you,
In all honesty you wanted to hear the truth,
So I told you everything,
I told you how I hate you trying to control me as If I was your puppet,
How you can’t always be right,
I told you how it would be easier to end things now,
Rather than carry them on until you had to leave,
In all of these words that I sent to you,
You took it as if all I wanted to do was hurt you,
But in the end you hurt me too.
You stopped contacting me in every way possible,
Out of me being honest I lost the best sailor I have ever had.

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