Lock and Key

October 10, 2012
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I just wanted to say goodbye
Have one more look in your eyes
But you stood still
Locked up in your disguise
I just wanted to see
If there was another part of me
That could ever believe
Great things can be achieved
Just wanted to know
And wanted to show
How these words are stuck together
Yet still heavily flow
But all you found
Is an unfamiliar sound
And something so obviously profound
But nothing seemed to fill
Everything you seemed to spill
Trying to keep a hold
All the things that were sold
Arms remain cold
Mind is wise and old
Don’t want to think, don’t want to feel
Wishing these things weren’t real
Expression is hard as steel
But your disguise starts to peel
Could no longer hide
What’s been telling lies
Trying to escape from the inside
But yet you never refused a fight
No one can know, no one can see
The side that wants to be free
So ashamed, so brave
No one can see you cave
Trying to jump, trying to fly
No one can ever see you cry
But you know it’s all a lie
So you look up at the sky
As it starts to rain
It helps hide tears of pain
But yet you can’t complain
Held in all of the strain
Concealing and starting to suppress
All of the overwhelming stress
Trying to be the best you can be
But you’re blocked out and can’t see
What’s been there all along
Held under lock and key

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