October 10, 2012
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Running to the nearest door
turning the handle looking for more
but all i see are shadows
cover the room like snow
searching for the treasure underneath the stone
trying to suppress something that's already grown
still trying to feel, trying to react
but none of the shock ever comes back
skin is getting colder
bones are getting older
mind is trying to get stronger
but cant last any longer
fire in my heart starts to burn
as i try to turn
turn one thing into something else
guess i couldn't help
couldn't help to try
to open my eyes
look past your disguise
take the wrong from the right
try to find what's inside
discovering there were only lies
my expectations have failed
the ship has already sailed
now half of me is gone
where do I really belong?
all of these doors keep closing
uneasy thoughts are unfolding
can only run but never hide
what continues to boil from the inside
the cool air cant even cool me down
too much pressure starts to surround
my heart is pounding
i just cant stand the sound
close my eyes and try to rest
my patience is put to the test
only so much i can keep
lock up inside of me
emotions are growing stale
bones seem so small and frail
the sky begins to hail
my mind remains still
but my body is off the rail
suppression can only last so long
my aura still sings a sad song
but no one wants to sing a long
to them my aura is wrong
too much gray and black
cant take back
these piles of emotions
that are already stacked
begin to lose track
of every crescent and crack
cracks in a fictional perfect world
that seems to constantly whirl
held up by only my fingertips
words have escaped my lips
i am no longer running
the doorway in front of me is so stunning
landed in my destination
now i can start my meditation

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