Being Loved

October 10, 2012
It started around the flowers

Sun so bright

Clouds were gone

Nothing can stop us

Our warmth collide

Hearts grew stronger

Yet he was going to be married

Not by me....

But I couldn't let that thought ruin this last moment

The moment I’ve always wanted

His hand touched my cheek

Giving me comfort by the voice

I smile thinking how he is like an angel from above

Soon our lips met

I felt love but regret

He let goes of me and his face disappears

In a few moments I was already watching him getting married

Hate grew

I left and felt sadness go deep into my heart

All of this ended me up to thinking if I can't have him then why live!?!

So I died that day

But never knowing I was going to wake up in heaven

Seeing his face again

He showed sadness like he was guilty

I ask him what's the matter

He told me that he stopped the wedding and found me

He even tried saving me but I died in his arms crying

So he killed himself to be here with me

But the last thing he told me before we walked away together was

'' You didn't die alone, you died being.....loved ''

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