Growing Up

October 10, 2012
By WhoIAmWorld BRONZE, Maricopa, Arizona
WhoIAmWorld BRONZE, Maricopa, Arizona
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I find it interesting, being a teenager and growing up…

Being so lost, yet finding yourself more with each step.

Feeling like you are all alone, and all by yourself, even when there are people all around you.

Trusting the people you love, SO MUCH, but feeling hurt or excluded at times.

The butterflies, and the shadows as you hide.

The courage, yet the fear within it.

Love and hate.

Smiling and laughing as you never have before.

Crying and watching yourself slip away.

Wanting to pull someone close, imagining a brief kiss, or a sweet hug.

And holding yourself back.

Thinking you’ve figured out where your life is headed, and watching it switch just the next morning.

Not having the same innocent ignorance of childhood or the wisdom and privileges of adulthood.

Appreciating the small things, getting lost in the details, or being overwhelmed by things that won’t matter come two or three years

Loosing yourself in a joyful moment, and being pulled back to a harsh reality the next.

Knowing what you want to do, wanting to make everything right.

But having no way to do it.

So much emotion, so much adventure, so much pain or joy.

And only the beginning of a great life, a miracle and a blessing.<3

The author's comments:
Just... emotions. We can all relate in some way to these.

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