If I Decided to Go Crazy

October 10, 2012
By AquaRev PLATINUM, Bonner Springs, Kansas
AquaRev PLATINUM, Bonner Springs, Kansas
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I often wonder
What it would be like
To go

Would it be nice
To sit in the corner
Rocking away
In a dream

To be locked away in
Your head
On a bed
Bound to it

Seeing things that
Aren’t there
And hearing voices
That echo around

Maybe I’d be happy
If I were crazy
I could walk around in my

Nobody would mind
They’d say,
“Oh, it’s okay,
She’s crazy!”

And I could lick the
And scream in public
And throw my shirt off

I’d tear at my skin
I’d eat my own feet
I’d write on the walls
I’d stop sleeping all together

And still they’d say,
“Don’t mind her,
She lost her mind years,

I think we’d all be happy
If we decided to go mad

The author's comments:
One should not stay up late and contemplate hypothetical situations. It always leads to the strange and the odd.

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