"Appointment with God"

October 9, 2012
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I’m supposed to have an appointment today,
At nine, or noon, or three.

I forgot what time I’m supposed to be there,
But it really doesn’t matter to me.
I knelt on the floor and closed my eyes,
And folded my hands to pray.

The Devil came near and whispered in my ear,
“Maybe some other day.”
I fought off the Devil with Bible in hand,
And finally shooed him away.

I quickly got back to the matter at hand,

And hoped the Devil was kept at bay.
I entered God’s throne room as nervous as ever,
With a blush bright red on my cheeks.

I stumbled on nothing as I approached His throne,
My throat closed up so I couldn’t speak.
I tried to look brave, I tried to look bold,
I tried to look calm and true.

He looked at me full in the face and said,
“What’s bothering you?”
We talked for what felt like an hour or so,

Just God and I and me.

In reality only ten minutes had passed,
But it felt like forever to me.
My appointment was rapidly drawing to a close,
God sent me on my way.

With eyes still closed and hands clenched tight,
I still had one more thing to say.

I look forward to our next meeting,

Even though the moments are fleeting.

You’ve done so much for me, tis true,
I only wish I could give more back to You.


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