October 9, 2012
when your father dies
when your brother bashes you
when your mother barely ever home
when your sister never cares
when your the one looking after your entire family

older brothers
older sister
older mother

when your left doing all the chores
all the cooking

all the washing
all the dying
all the hanging
all the folding

all the packing

and all you get in return is
lots of scares
lots of marks
lots of pain

once you grow up and
realise they hate you
rather than love you
realise they used you
rather than love you
realise they treated you like a slave
rather than a sister/daughter
realise they treats you like a outsider
rather than a insider

and all you want to do is die
while the people with a life
you wish you had wants to die
you have everything
you ever wanted while i have nothing

why would yous want to die?
when yous have everything
yous have a family that cares
while i have nothing
except believing that my life
will change one day

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