The Worst

October 9, 2012
By , Denver, CO
Treated like crap
handcuffed like a criminal
put to sleep
so I couldn't see
so I wouldn't escape.
When I arrived I knew what you had done.
YOU sent me here didn't you?
I'm not mature enough in your eyes
I'm disobedient
Oh what lies!
Have you no heart,
no shame,
no love for your own daughter?
I did nothing wrong.
I just wasn't good enough for you
Not the girly daughter you always wanted
Not the best one in your eyes.
you couldn't "FIX" me so you sent me to hell.
Where men and women with dark hostile voices and blank eyes shout at you yelling,
"you're worthless... you're a piece of're not as smart as you think you're the're plain out stupid...
Is that what I was/am in you're eyes?
The Worst?
You sent me there to rewire me
shape me
mold you
but it didnt work
and it wont

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