October 9, 2012
By Anonymous

I wonder if I didn’t have what I have would you still f**** with me keep it real G
I am eighteen years old and reside in Denver bro
I went to school at Westy and things were hasty
There is something unique about my personality because there aint nobody like me
The steps from my school lead to cars, people and Mother Nature
It’s not easy to know the truth because sometimes the truth hurts sometimes you just got to let it go like people in dirt
Well I like to get money and aint a dam thang funny
I love my baby sis and my baby bro you mess with them you mess with me yo
I bumb boosie, Gucci and Juiceman
I hear my music as much as i can
My community is pretty much ghetto
Drugs and felons that do what they got to do to get money
I started at the bottom and I’m going to end up at the top and I aint going to stop till the casket drop.

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