Sinking The Titanic

October 9, 2012
On a ship of slaves
I told you I’d never let go
Forced you to do the same
But before I tasted salt
It was brilliant
The most iconic romance in the most ironic place
I was a vagabond
A dirty American
Just dancing with the rest of the crew
But I drug you down too
Taught you the steps
Spilled cheap Irish beer on your dress
You stood on your toes for my friends
But still you never quite fit in
That didn’t matter
Your body fit into my arms
Your temple into my chest
Your lips into mine
I couldn’t rise to where you were
I had nothing to offer you
Just ten dollars in my pocket
Won in a game of cards I cheated on
I stared so hard at the moon
But never saw dawn
I was a criminal
At least according to your family
But I never stole your heart
You wore it for me, especially
It just slipped into my pocket with all the confusion
Not that I didn’t covet it
It seems like so long ago
Yet here I am, the same
Kept petrified by the freezing water
Only mutilated by the occasional fish
This sea is full of them
My skin is long since gone
But they do no harm
I died with a broken handcuff around each arm
Compared to the air between us, the water is warm
I’m sorry I couldn’t stay afloat
Sorry we couldn’t do everything I promised
Thank you for taking an axe to my bindings
Leaving my hands in tact
For never holding back
The air was so warm for the time we would talk
Meet me at the clock
Kiss me beneath the chandelier
Run your hands beneath my stolen jacket
Pull me near
Pull me under
The lights flicker then die
We’re surrounded by the desperate
They’re on the deck, screaming
They’re in the water, dying
They’re in the boats heading away to safety
And we can curse them under our breath if we like
But that does nothing to change it
We’re still clinging to this desk
Still praying for the best
Singing little lies to each other to get by
It’s the perfect memory
The difference between “classic” and “Legendary”
Every picture in its proper frame
Each character showered in misfortune and shame
I found your picture
What a sight to see
I’ve spent so long thinking of nothing but this
But I never let it hit me
Not until time and weather removed the glamor
Undid the splendor
Sunk the unsinkable
You and I did the unthinkable
We found solace and fought nature
You went on and found another
Held onto my memory
I hope you still see my cocky smile in strangers
My eyes in windows you pass by
And each time I see ice I’ll be dreaming of you
From down beneath the ocean
It’s really all I can do
Because all the quiet and the pressure
The fauna and the faults
They render me a mockery
And leave a taste of salt
So I say goodnight and Godspeed
My beautiful Rose
Remember me fondly
And blow that whistle

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