October 11, 2012
By JacquelineBrown SILVER, Tarrs, Pennsylvania
JacquelineBrown SILVER, Tarrs, Pennsylvania
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Flowers welt and become nothing more than dirt.
My heart was once held by your hands—strong and firm.
But you let me fly, fade away into darken skies,
Where nothing more than a descending petal
Could ever hope to grow into something pure—
Where nothing but my shadow, as black as gore,
Could ever find a solid shore—

Tidal waves crash and turn sending tan sand along my toes.
A joyous moment stolen by that one little touch,
Makes me realize how you destroyed my future blush.
No matter the chances I passed to you,
You took every one as a way to control—
Pouring my love into a cauldron of doom—
Spinning and mixing until it was all just blue,
Ruining me for always more.

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