I Have No Clue What To Name This

October 11, 2012
By evonn95 GOLD, Ft.Wainwright, Alaska
evonn95 GOLD, Ft.Wainwright, Alaska
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'' He who is without sin throw the first stone''

The blasphemy that exits your mouth and enters my ears cut me deep like a double edged sword. the lies that my heart soaks up that I feel are so sweet crumbles my invisible soul
the hatred I feel is so powerful it weakens my bones, I become brittle as i walk limb by limb falls off and disappears like a dying breed of nothingness.
the wind hits my body like a cracking whip to a slave's body, my body, my heart, my soul is a slave to you, the hunger I feel in the pit of my growling stomach feeds off of the rest of me.
as the last tear falls down my eye. the last of me starts to crumble and fade.my whimpering soul comes to a halt as the rest of me fades away. the last beat of my heart is like a slow but steady song, singing don't take me away its not my times, don't take me away give me one more rhyme...my spirit walks on solid grounds. I look around not much has changed since the death that has come upon me.

The author's comments:
Somebody hurt my feelings.

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