I'm not asking

October 11, 2012
By , Lathrup Village, MI
I’m not asking you to do anything crazy
I’m asking you to end all the world’s wrong

I am not asking you stand for all injustice
Or not judge other on whim because who they worship or the color of their skin

I am not asking you to come up with a solution
Or be apart of generation that finally live out our constitution

I am no asking you to revolutionize the world
Or be the first president that’s a girl

I not asking you to right the wrong, or to make everyone
lay down their weapons and sing a sappy world peace song

I not asking you
To feed the hungry
Or to house the homeless
or to get rid of all sickness

I am not going lie like the others
I not going say “we have to” or “that we can be the one to end it all’

I am not asking that you make the world a better place

I am
asking you
to try

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