My Feelings

October 11, 2012
By Anonymous

Was I Not Good Enough
I Must Have Been Seen Through
Never Knowing What I Could Do
So I Just Watch From Afar
Seeing You Living So Happily
Not Knowing What You Ever Saw In Me
You Must Have Seen How Ugly I Am To Be
You Did It Out Of Pity
I Wish I Had Just Been Left Alone
None Of This Would Have Ever Happened
We Would All Been Better Off
There Wouldn't Be Any Pain
No Lose Or A Gain
Others Wouldn't Have Been Hurt
I Feel Betrayed, And Then I Was Slain
I Lay Crumpled In Pain
Wondering Why Me
I Never Did Anything To Deserve
Now I Just Want To Be Preserved
Never Feeling Again, Then Maybe I Can Begin Somewhere New
I Can See A Blue Hue
I Wish I Never Knew
But I Did What I Had To Do
I Couldn't Cause The Pain
The Outcome Was Not A Gain
Without Me Everything Would Have Been The Same
I No Longer Want To Play This Silly Game
It’s Just Way Too Lame
There Is No Point
Why Damage Your Most Important Appendage
I Just Want To Heal, And Not Want To Feel
This Is Crazy
When The Boys Are To Lazy
To Even Care Or Share
About Their Fears And What Leers
I Have Given Up
And That Is What Is Up

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