The Wisp

October 11, 2012
By flapjacks BRONZE, West Haven, Utah
flapjacks BRONZE, West Haven, Utah
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Can you Hear it?
It beckons your soul to feed itself
A monotonous glob
A mysterious fog
Enshrining and imprisoning
Cowering in the shadows to lie in wait

Can you See it?
Lingering you with its presence
Probing your knowledge
Testing your capability
Something you cannot dart from, let alone escape
Sucked into its vortex
Trapped, like a fly in a web

Can you Feel it?
Feeding on your fear
Toying with your emotions
Its gnarly fingers engulf you
An ear-splintering cry
A deafening grip

Can you Taste it?
The breath of death
Dripping in stains of poison
A grotesque creation
Lurking in your spine
Tapping in your nerves
Selling your soul

Can you Escape it?
There is no cure
A sickening birth
A being of its own creation…..and destruction
Repulsively disturbing
An inescapable hell
The very thing your nightmares tremble in fear of
Behold but not to disturb
Embrace, for there is nothing you can do
Conjure and savor the encounter the evil that is
The wisp

The author's comments:
I am a very happy person but some of my greatest poems are my drakest. I was just sitting in my room when a fog popped into my head; I sat down and wrote everything in five minutes! This piece is just to get you pumped and heart-pounding.

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