October 10, 2012
I see the shadows cloud my vision
A storm is brewing inside my own head
I stare down my opponent
Chin deftly raised in pride, warning
I strike my pose and wait
They land the first blow
And it comes crashing down
With all the force of a Mack truck
Doing 75 down the freeway
I never stood a chance
As the insults come flying
Physical assaults that bring me
Falling, crashing to my knees
Tears sting my eyes but I won't
I can't fall prey to the enemy again
But I come back swinging
Throwing blind punches towards the sky
Not making contact with skin or flesh
But at least they know I won't
Go down without a fight this time
I scream as the storm crests
As the violent shaking that is
Either from me or from my rival
I am not sure anymore
But with my head raised high
And my body screaming to fight
I can't back down anymore
In a flash they call me out
"You have a big nose."
"Ugly fatty! Who would want you?"
The physical blows are no match
For the verbal Ali-like jabs.
"Ha, you think you're something special?"
"You'll never matter."
I let out my final scream
And as I stare down my opponent
I realize the enemy is me
I'm simply staring in a mirror
As my fight is reflected back at me

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