The Knife

October 10, 2012
The times we we're a great part of my life
But now I'm left with friendship and holding my heart with a knife
My heart feels the love but then it disappears
My stomach feels the butterflies whenever he is near
My eyes see the things that everyone hears
But when will I notice this will always bring me to tears
He will always fill a special part of my life
But he doesn't realize all the pain he adds to the knife
This knife is a barrier that makes everything worse
It will never let go it will always disperse
As the name is thrown out it becomes its own verse
But when will he see that it is a name that will soon be sent to burst
Life is a game that will always be played
But love is something that has to be made.

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robyn020304 said...
Oct. 14, 2012 at 4:43 pm
this is really good 
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