October 8, 2012
I remember a lot of good times together
Still we had times when we were mad
But mostly I remember good things
Good memories
When you would hug me at the end of the day
I couldn't explain my feeling of joy
Cuz despite the troubles you still found time for me
But there came a day when you had to leave
To carry on with your life
And couldn't come around anymore
Because there was a roadblock on our street
And you couldn't find your way around it
And sometimes when you come near it
I stare at you thought the gaps
And I never feel the same without you
Is it the same for you?
Or have you forgotten me?
Like others have seemed to do with that roadblock
I hurt deep inside
But I can't tell
It burns like lava
If you listen to anything I say
Listen to this
When there's a will, there's a way

Where's your will?

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