My Story

October 8, 2012
Can you remember what it was like?
With Just you and I
I was there for you
And you for me
Can you remember the secrets we whispered last fall?
When I told you I loved you
And you felt the same
Can you remember when it was our story?
When you were the superhero
And I was the sidekick
A perfect Batman and Robin they said
What happened to the Bat Mobile we called love
Or The City, we protected, called Love
What happened to you and I?
Did our story crash and burn
Or did our love just take the wrong turn
Questions, questions questions,
Answers escape us still
Can you remember how it all felt?
To fall into one another
To escape the fears we faced
To find security in the threads of love we’d woven.
I Love you
Those words were never really true
I don’t think you remember…
Our story has become forgotten pages dispersed across time
Now, we must move on…
Now, I start my story…
One without you…

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