Love Will Not Be Forgotten And Will Be Forever Eternal

October 8, 2012
By Shadow_Wolf GOLD, Mayfield Heigts, Ohio
Shadow_Wolf GOLD, Mayfield Heigts, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Love is not opening your eyes but opening your heart."
"You see not with your eyes, But with your heart."
"Think first with your heart not your head."
"If it has a heart, It is human."

Love can be found anywhere
You just have to
Seize the moment
Take charge
And do its bidding

Open your eyes and witness
The song of the lover’s breath
The taste of the lover’s best
The smell of the lover’s nest
And the true lover’s test

Open your heart and ponder
All there is to know
How far you will go
Where you will go
And how you will get there

Open you arms and grasp
The lover’s heart
The imagination
Your dreams
At the seams

The world around
Is lost but now found
Endless and bound
A lover’s mound
And everything beyond

Love is forever eternal
It has no limit
And will not die down
It lasts through the decades
And through the wrinkles of time

Love cares not for
What you have done
Where you have gone
Whom you have hurt
Or what was believed

Love cares for
What you will do
Who you will help
Why you fight
And what you believe

Love grants one chance only
No one obtains more
No one acquires less
Do not squander it
This makes love honorable

Our partners are unique
None the same
All are different
That is why
We never forget the first

Love lives in us all
Our hearts caress it
Our ears conceive it
Our arms cradle it
And our hands follow shortly thereafter

Love calls to us
Like a song on the radio
Or the wind in a summer breeze
Or the birds on a sunny day
This song can not be ignored

Love will always be about
No matter the location
No matter the time
Feel free to languish in your pity
But know not a single soul can take that away

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