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October 8, 2012
By jjla3 BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
jjla3 BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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you say you can help me? i cant help myself. so how are you going to do it? just leave me alone. i am feeling like Al Capone. you are a nobody. is anybody out there or am i all alone? nobody wants me. just give me a shelter i will show you a friend. but my mind isn't something in your power to mend. i look at my brothers and it bothers me to not see them living with me! it hurts me so much to see them only every once in a while. i am putting all of my feelings into a pile. i don't tell my mom. its going to blow up like a bomb! my dad is gone. he lives in Tennessee. i talk to him while we are both watching TV. i hardly talk to anybody on Facebook, but i love reading books and it seems like it is driving my family farther and farther away. i think i am to far gone. come and see me when i am done.

The author's comments:
i was smoking pot and i realized one day that it was messing up my life so i was struggling to stop and a lot of other things were going on in my life that either didn't make sense or i didn't know what to do so i just sat down one night and wrote this and after that i prayed to God and asked him for help and the next day i no longer had the urge to do what i was doing. this is the first of my poetry and i hope you liked it.

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