October 9, 2012
By teampokepak BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
teampokepak BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Why would they do this to me?
She sits
At the edge of her room,
Tiredly trying to catch her breath,
Long, wavy black hair
Hanging around her face
And tears, filled with anxiety and sorrow,
Rolling down her cheeks.
She clutches a flyer in her right hand:

Black cat
Goes by the name of Bagheera
If found please call xxx-xxx-xxxx

Wiping away her tears
With the sleeve
Of her long, fleecy pink pajama top
That, uncomfortably, scratches at her cheeks,
The girl stares the picture of him at the center
Of the paper.
The tiny cat is laying on her
Fluffy, but matted pink pajamas
And looking up with his
Innocent, lime-green eyes.
She wonders why they didn’t tell her
And she regrets ignoring
The skinny, sleek black cat for so long
And repeats the events
Over and over again in her head.
Have they been lying to me all this time?
Have they been keeping secrets from me about everything?
Will I ever see him again?
Does everyone get a kick out
Of my crying
And emotional ache?
She crumples up
The now sodden paper,
And throws it across the room,
With dangerous thoughts
No 15 years old should ever think
Prickling through her mind.

“I’m going to tell you
What Grandma and Grandpa won’t.
Bagheera’s dead.
We found his body
On the other side of the road
On February 5th.
I’m very sorry.”

The memories
She dreads
Cloud up
In her head.
The printing of the flyers,
The words of encouragement
From her family and friends,
Most of the students
In the district,
Mostly High school and Junior High,
Finding out about
The poor cat
And promising to keep an eye out for him.
Did they know too?
That Bagheera was hit by a car?
What should I tell them?
He’s dead and everyone
Was keeping secrets from me?

She thinks about the irony
Of them supporting
The search for her cat
And them secretly knowing that
He was dead
And deciding to by no means at all tell her,
She then decides:

I can’t trust them!
I no longer have faith in them!
They’ve made me cry too much already!
They’re not my family anymore!
They were never my family!
They’re nothing but
A bunch of

The author's comments:
I wrote this for class, it's about how my cat dying and no one telling me he was dead.

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