Desert Mind

October 9, 2012
By tardz13 BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
tardz13 BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
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I was completely and utterly alone.

I felt as if I were going insane
Sand was the only thing I saw for hours
A simple empty canvas, yellow and grainy in the afternoon sun.
The thirst was overriding me now.

Until, in the distance, something broke the yellow constant desert,
Something green

I sprinted toward it with all of the strength my tired body had left,
My callous feet hitting the blazing hot sand
without feeling anything at all
I tripped and fell a few times, my already torn up clothes getting dirtier, but I made it
It was an absolute oasis
There were lush green trees with coconuts and fruits of all colors, hanging down and moving around,

With golden apples littering the ground like leaves in fall

And in the middle, a large pool of gleaming, radiant, dazzlingly blue water
Animals of all kinds, zebras, lions, frogs, buffalo, turtles, would float out of the water
Into the air, defying gravity, all baaing like sheep, regardless of what animal they were, as if they didn’t care

On top of the trees, as I had just noticed, were wheel barrels full of stone tablets
And along the sides of the oasis were pencils,
Sticking out of the ground.
The whimsical sight was overrunning my loneliness,

So I jumped into the water,
I swam with the zebras, ate the apples,
Climbed up the trees to retrieve the tablets, with which I used to turn the apples into robotic puppies
Robotic puppies that were jumping with joy, insane, magnificent joy,

And suddenly everything started jumping with joy,
The trees uprooted and jumped,
The animals fell to the ground and jumped,
The fruits fell down and jumped,
Everything was jumping

My vision was blurring, it turned red on the outsides,
The philosophical stone tablets, which were jumping, became groundhogs, burrowing into the sand,
And the trees burst into a fiery display of fireworks, popping loudly and continuously in my ear, too loud, it hurt,
And then, the water, the sweet water, flowed into the sky and away.
The animal companions that I had melted into the sand, painting the increasingly blurred landscape white and black stripes as the sun went down, or was it coming up?

And even the sand dropped out from beneath me, so I was falling
Falling faster than ever
Stuck in the constant state, never stopping, until finally,
Lightly as a feather I thudded back into the desert
Back into the empty world

Completely and utterly alone.

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