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October 9, 2012
By sempergumby BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
sempergumby BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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It starts at birth, that God given grace
And your time on Earth starts to wind down already.
The sand in an hour glass
Whatever remaining is all you have left.
Do with that allotted time, the best you can.
For one does not know,
When his time will end.
Do not be selfish
Do not live with regret
Have a life full of meaning
Never be upset.
Be at peace with yourself.

Stand up to the nay-Sayers, the doubters.
Live to prove them wrong
Leave their mouths sour.
Because the best revenge, is not to avenge
But is pure happiness.
You, your life; that is all that should matter to you
A life of sadness,
Is pure madness.
Work towards peace with yourself.

And when in your late years,
You look back on your life
Will your eyes be filled with tears?
Or with content, and cheers?
Before you leave this world
And join the almighty,
Will your next of kin,
Speak of you kindly?
Will you be at peace with yourself?

When you are in your final moments,
The clock winding down
Your time is ending
Yet, do not frown.
I certainly hope that you will promise one thing;
That your years were making
The lives of others amazing.
Selflessness is the true measure of someone’s worth.
Be a servant, not a master
And once you find humility,
You will be at peace with yourself

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