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October 9, 2012
By zach altpeter BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
zach altpeter BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
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The Blue Bear trail
Will I ever forget that straight away?
No, I will always remember it
It is my favorite trail to ride
My snowmobile on
I will never go slower than eighty miles and hour
I will ride on it every winter
i will never forget the curvy trail
To get there
I know every turn,
Every straight away
And even the bridge you have to cross
Just to get to the beginning of it
There will always be a
Huge spot in my heart for
This trail.
The train tunnels
Hearing the roar of the beast I am riding
I always unleash the power
The sound of the engine
Makes me want
To hold the throttle down
And never let go
If you try to follow me
You won’t be able to keep
Up with me
Every time I go in deep
Fluffy pillow like powder
I spray snow in all directions behind me
So you better not be behind me
Because it will be harder to see
Than a man with an eye patch.
I will never forget that trail
The blue bear trail

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