October 9, 2012
By Ronald121 BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
Ronald121 BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
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Thunderstorms: the spirit’s power
Affecting the few who are more in tune with nature than the rest in the human hive.

CRACKABOOM the thunder claps
Ionizing the air fresh

The spirits especially the weary one of my dear loving mother
Now has the power she needs to manifest her self.

But she decides not to use it, but to give it away.
My mother takes the thunderstorms power
And gives it to me her oldest child
The might of a thunderstorm at my hands

I with my labor wrecked soul sense this power and harness its ability and with my utter nobility am energized

The electric power surged through my body giving me that tingling feeling
I felt so funny like I could roll on to the floor and laugh my self sane

My reflexes snapped to and I became more aware of my surroundings
At the time of the storm I was the only one in the house

So with a mighty “ROUSE” I said, “let the games begin”
And out the door I flew so fast that a dust particle silhouette followed behind

I ran at an amazing pace going so fast it turned dark
As I ran I could hear what was like the whine of a bird

“But birds don’t whine” I said but I stopped and I listened to my surroundings
It was the whine of a tornado siren in the distance

My senses now all tuned in my hands, mouth, ears, nose, and eyes
I looked ahead at that dastardly funnel with its cyclical disposition

It was heading right for me at a quarter to two
with my freshly charged mind I had already planned before hand
With its brimstone red eyes glowing like a demon let loose
Heading at me in a hurry with a speed of that of a mad dog

Hand in hand me and the storm's unholy offspring exchanged places
Like a tango for two we great beings skittered across the landscape
I then forged a mighty weapon and with which I swung it to and fro
The tornado was no match my mighty blade had winded the storm

The storm now rendered powerless dissipated and the daylight returned
I now have almost drained all my powers and with the little I had left I returned home
As I landed the rest of the power fizzled off of me and I got a static shock from the recoil
My power gone, the day saved, but I did not care, for peace had once again had been restored.

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