Little Boy Billy

October 9, 2012
By KiwaLou96 GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
KiwaLou96 GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
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Little boy Billy settles down in bed,
Under his racecar comforter with his old teddy bear,
The blankets up to his nose,
He sleeps on his back,
Keeping his eyes peeled,
Billy hears a creak in the floor,
His eyes dart to the closet,
He see's a monster in there,
Heart in his throat,
Little Boy Billy closes his eyes and counts to ten,
He opens his eyes again,
And shifts his body the other way,
Another creak and his eyes widen,
His eyes scan the room,
And stop on what appears to be a man,
On his cherry wood dresser,
As he stares at the man,
He wonders if she should scream,
But decides the man would kill him,
If he were to scream,
He stares at the man a little more,
Then he closes his eyes,
And counts to ten,
Opens them once more,
He shifts his body back the other way,
And is close to falling asleep,
Until something scurries under the bed,
He cannot deny what he has seen,
Little boy Billy summons up all his courage,
He gets to the floor,
Grabs a foam sword,
And looks under the bed,
He sees absolutley nothing,
He giggles to himself,
And that when he sees it,
Two yellow eyes staring at him,
He clutches his teddy bear closer and looks harder,
He must git rid of the beast,
Billy grasps his sword tighter,
Closes his eyes,
Takes a deep breath,
And swings the foam sword at the beast,
It hisses and runs out,
It was just Milly the cat,
Astonished at this discovery,
He looks at the closet,
Walks slowly towards it,
One eye closed the other wide with fear,
He stretches out his arm,
And pulls the door wide open,
His other hand he grasps his sword,
Ready to attack any monster,
But this monster was only a green itchy sweater,
Hanging on the door handle,
Little boy Billy is really amazed and begins to ponder,
With some realization,
He looks up at the man on his dresser,
Billy pulls his stepping stool closer,
He steps up,
Hand sweaty from clutching the sword so tightly,
Billy counts to ten,
On ten he reaches for the man,
He feels soft fur,
Confused Billy tugs on the fur,
It then tackles him to the floor,
Kicking hitting and biting the monster,
He fights for his life,
But then he realizes,
The monster isn't fighting back,
Billy pushes it off and looks,
It's his giant teddy bear,
He begins to smile,
And crawls back into bed,
Nestled back into bed,
He comfortably sleeps on his side,
Billy was drifting off to sleep,
When he hears a creak in the floor,
Under his bed,
His eyes shoot open,
He looks towards the edge of the bed,
He slowly crawls over to the edge of the bed,
His brown eyes wide with confusion,
Billy knows there is no such thing as monsters,
He holds his teddy bear tighter and tighter,
As he reaches the edge of the bed,
Billy takes a deep breath and gets on his belly,
As he slips off the bed,
Billy's feet hit the floor with a small padding sound,
he gets to his knees and looks at the dust-ruffle,
There is nothing under there he thinks,
Billy sticks his small-five-year-old hands out,
He closes his eyes as he pulls it up,
His heart pounding so loud in his ears,
Without even knowing he begins to hold his breath,
Billy closes his eyes and counts to ten,
His mother had told him when he was scared,
to count to ten and it had always worked,
Seven, eight, nine, ten,
He opens his eyes,
Everything is suddenly quiet,
No pounding in his ears,
He see's nothing at first,
Then he see's a black shadow,
Billy see's the monster,
Then he hears his own toe-curling screaming,
As he wonders where his mom is,
His life begins to flash before his eyes,
Little Boy Billy was then pulled under the bed,
Gone in a flash,
For he was the Boogey-Man's breakfast,
The next morning the warm sun spills in,
Filling his bed,
Billy's mother finally awake from her drugged sleep,
Walks in to find her son gone,
She calls the police,
It was ironic when they told her,
It's like the Boogey-Man got him.

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