All of the Heroes

October 9, 2012
By Grace22 BRONZE, Yardley, Pennsylvania
Grace22 BRONZE, Yardley, Pennsylvania
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To all the firefighters wearing red and white
To all of the people who lost their life
To the heroes who came from left and right
To all the people who put up a good fight

For all of the families that loved and lost
For all of the people who helped at such a deadly cost

For all of the sorrowful tears that were shed
For all of the confused thoughts running through people’s heads
For all of the saviors who had courage and led
For all of the women who were left unwed

To all the kids who never remember saying “Dad”
To all the mothers who didn’t get to yell when their children were bad
To all the kids who to this day are angry and sad
To all of those left orphaned, wishing for what they once had

For all of the people who set foot on the plane
For the family and friends who can’t handle the pain

For all of the courageous people I look up to
For all of the passengers who suddenly learned to pilot, and flew
For all of the workers who didn’t have a clue
For all of the kids who will ask, “Why, what, and who?”

To the country coming together in a time that was insane
To those with the littlest hearts even feeling pain
To the people who thought they were getting onto a safe plane
To all of the heroes who should get all of the fame

To the past that may never be forgotten,
To the present where we are sorrowfully remembering,
To the future, for our spirits to once again be lifted and the hope to be restored,
To the fallen heroes to rest in peace, and watch over and protect us fearlessly and courageously like they once did before.

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