Pink Snow

October 7, 2012
A creek
Gently swirling
Laughing over the stones
In the meadow
Long lush green grass
Swaying with the breeze
Greener than anything I've seen.
The trees start at the back --
And firs
And slope up to the jagged ripped
Green brown white mountains
And snow -- yes, snow
In August
Covered with a fine coating of dirt
But still a blindingly bright shade
Of white.

The window's open
There's wind on my face
Trees flashing past
My brother is
His video game magazine.
A motorcycle whips by
Then another
And two more
Passing on a two-lane road.
The stinging stench of exhaust
Slithers in through the window
In a dark invisible cloud
Lingering, dissonant,
In the corners of my awareness.

The car moves on
More snow
And a lake
Dark blue in the middle
Light blue near the edges
Sky blue
Hawaii blue
Mountains way off in the distance blue.
Iced over like a cake
Piles of snow rest on the ice
Pink snow, because of the bacteria
But who can think about bacteria
When looking at such beauty?
The pink and white and blues of the lake
Are like candy, they're
So vivid.
I guess water is
Still blue
In some places...

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