The Inside of The Rainbow

October 7, 2012
By emilyjoy65 SILVER, Canton, Ohio
emilyjoy65 SILVER, Canton, Ohio
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Ask me what color the inside of the rainbow is.
Ask me why colors so beautiful
Mix to create such ugliness.
Ask me and I’ll tell you that the colors mix
On the inside, but only there
Because we’re selfish, and if we were to see the heart of the rainbow,
Would we love it the same?
Would we look for it after the storm and thank it for its light
If during the storm, we saw its colors run together?
If we saw it writhe and cry and fight for its life?
If we knew that it too struggled to come back together after the storm?
Would we love the rainbow for its imperfections, should we ever see them?
Or would we welcome the broken light and help it back to health?
Help it back to glory, help it back to beauty?
No. We wouldn’t. Because we are selfish.
So ask me the color of the inside of the rainbow,
And I’ll tell you it’s brown.
And then I’ll ask you how you expect society to love one another
When we can’t even let the rainbow cry.
When we can’t even let nature be natural.

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