The Walk

October 7, 2012
By Amyers921 BRONZE, Saugerties, New York
Amyers921 BRONZE, Saugerties, New York
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She walks, on a long sandy beach,
Quiet and alone.
Searching for inner peace,
A sense of relaxation.

Inhaling the ocean breeze, the seaweed, the salt.
With each step,
Her toes embrace the fine crystal sand,
Like a baby, grasping a soft hand.

She now stops,
The wind tugging her long hair gently in its path.
Looking ahead, at the seam,
Just where the mirror-like water meets the majestic skies.

The tide slowly returning home,
With its tiny whispers.
She watches, in awe,
As the sun says its goodbye.

The sky, warm and animated,
Like Crayola’s brightest crayons.
The clouds take on the color, like a blank canvas.
Breath taking, simply picture perfect.
Down past the water, at the seam,
The sun now hides.
Leaving his vibrant warm colors behind,
To remind you of his beauty.

Shades of orange, shades of pink,
Blues and reds,
Merging together,
She watches, as they all unify. Become one.

Ocean now slow and steady,
Dim and silent.
The wind returns, touching her bare arms,
Gently advising her she must go.

-Amber Myers

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