A day in the life of an empty shell

October 6, 2012
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I awake in the middle of the night,
From a nightmare,
Or so I thought,
What I thought was just a nightmare turned out to be my reality,
I drag my lifeless body out of bed not wanting to face the day,

I fake my smiles and laugh my forced laughs,
I say what I need to say,
Tell people what they would like to hear,
They cant see the smile in faking,
That my heart is nearly breaking,

I return home to hide inside my room,
I write my poems and draw my pictures,
I hang them on my walls and door hoping someone will see,
No one notices them,
No one says a word,

If I am up to it,
At the end of the day I reunite myself with my friend,
My faithful friend,
The one I can always count on,
He reminds me that I am alive,
I drip my ruby red drops and for a moment I am free,

Then I must go to bed ,
Slip away into a world I wish to be,
But all to soon I will awake from my slumber and return to my hollow nightmare,
For I am an empty shell no one has noticed,
Nightmares are my only reality,
Now and always.

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